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Simplify Financial Planning for Your Clients
Increase your closing ratio with a personalized process.
Have you tried different sales processes to help close more business, engage your clients, and optimize your pipeline, but didn’t see results?

You need to leverage the 7 concepts of The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process to help simplify financial planning for both you AND your clients. This guide is based on the nationally recognized book, The Bucket Plan, which was named in the top 10 retirement planning books of 2023 by U.S. News*.

This free eBook will:

  • Introduce you to The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process
  • Help you implement a tailored, holistic financial plan with clients
  • Educate you on the 7 concepts and utilization of the 10 step-by-step tools of The Bucket Plan
  • More easily duplicate and scale to your business
  • Increase your closing ratio!

Get started with a process that can help you build trust with clients and grow your business.

Simplify Financial Planning for Your Clients

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